Koi Alkaline Ionizer - Installation FAQ

1. Will I need a plumber?

No, this can be done by the average person who has little or no plumbing experience.

2. How long will it take to install?

Usually in about 30 minutes.

3. Will I need any additional parts in order to install my Koi Alkaline Ionizer.

About 10% of all faucets do not have the standard screw thread that will fit the faucet diverter that comes with Koi Ionizer. If you find the Koi faucet diverter will not fit your sink, note what kind of faucet you have and take the Koi faucet adapter to any hardware store and they will have the necessary parts you will need.

4. What kind of warranty does the Koi Alkaline Ionizer have on it?

The Koi Alkaline Ionizer comes with One(1) Year Warranty.

5. I hooked everything up correctly and no water will come out the silver tube. What is the problem?

Open the panel on the left side of the ionizer unit and be sure the filter is properly seat by turning it clockwise. This is the only reason why water would not come out of the unit unless something such as packaging material is blocking one of the tubes.

6. I hooked everything up correctly, plugged in the unit and turned on the water. The water comes out but the lights don't come on. What is the problem?

Check the fuse in back of the Koi Alkaline Ionizer. That is most likely the fuse problem since it is extremely reliable and have less than 1% failure rate. The fuse is a standard 4 amp fuse obtainable at any electronics store.

7. The water came out dark the first time it ran through the Koi Alkaline Ionizer. Is that normal?

That is what we called "fine" coming off the carbon in the filter and it is normal. It will clear up within the first few seconds of use.